Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Journey in life: spreading the love of adventure and sewing

While recovering from foot surgery, Suzanne came to "mother" me. Yes, she got to see me on drugs also. I don't think I did anything outlandish, at least not that I remember. She fixed great food and watched TV with me. Plus, we got to do some sewing! That was the best part. She brought some fabric to sew blouses for Ellen. Ellen is going on a church sponsored pioneer trek. She will be part of a family. This family will be traveling by handcart. The handcart only holds supplies, not people. That means there is a lot of walking plus pushing and pulling the cart. It sounds like a lot of work. We will have to have Ellen tell us how her journey of adventure proceeds.

Getting back to the sewing. Ellen needs two cotton, long sleeve blouses. Not being able to find them in stores, Suzanne decided to make them. Good for her. It was time to share a talent. With a pattern and fabric, we began our own journey, but it was sewing. Our journey was fun and air conditioned. It was fun teaching Suzanne the ins and outs of the process. First Suzanne cut the fabric according to the pattern. Then, she began sewing. She had no problems. I explained each step and she could do it. She learned how to put a collar on the blouse and how to set in sleeves. Reading the pattern itself was a little challenging, but with help and the pattern pictures it was a snap. I'm so glad I got to share this with Suzanne. She has been sewing quilts and skirts, but now a blouse is in her skill set also. I think sewing is so much fun. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. The best part is sewing for little and pre-teen girls. They love what you make, because it is just for them. I have enjoyed sewing for my daughters and now another daughter is passing it to her daughters. This is an adventure that can be repeated over and over. HAPPY SEWING everyone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The First Day of Summer

What is today?  THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER. For us on the western side of the Rocky Mountains, it will happen at 10:16 a.m. What will you be doing to celebrate summer's beginning? Have a little party. I was talking to Baby in the Hansen household last night and suggested he have a party with his in-town Grandma. I hope they have fun. Wish I could be with them. Some things for you to do:  eat watermelon, indulge in some wonderful ice cream, sit in a lawn chair while your kids run through the sprinkler, go to the library and read the afternoon away, go to McDonald's for an ice cream cone, and top off the first day of summer with a movie at the drive-in. Most won't be going to the drive-in, but the rest is all fair-game. What will the Nevada McLean's be doing: reading, computer work, having hot dogs for dinner, eating watermelon and strawberries and going to Mickie D's or maybe having Dad make a run for real ice cream or skinny cows. What a fun day to celebrate.  HAVE FUN.

It was a hot & humid summer day when the Hansen's arrived in Indiana. Ice
cream was the only solution - and they really enjoyed it

Happiness is an ice cream cone. Sadness is knowing it is almost gone!

Ice cream with a favorite cousin is the best - especially in Colorado!

Best friend cousins enjoying ice cream on a hot Colorado day.
It was the best and ice cream makes great memories.